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Welcome to Blogger Communities Travel Blog. If you already have idea what places you are going to travel next, it’s great. If you still have no idea where should go. We hope this post can help you brain storming. Our world is full of amazing. Amazing places, amazing scenery, amazing people and cultures. Here, we prepared the 8 top best travel places for you. Please come and discover. We promise, more will come. Stay tuned.

Number 1: Salzburg


Salzburg’s delicate and perfect weather gives travelers resilience when it comes to travel plans. Most of the people from states and Europe tend to travel to Salzburg in spring or summer time. Therefore, the very peak travel season to Salzburg will be in spring or summer. If you don’t want to get too crowded on it. You may consider visit Salzburg in September or October. The price is more cheaper and make you feel more comfortable.

There are few things that you mustn’t missed in Salzburg. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in the townhouse, where is the famous place to visit for each tourist. There are many iconic places from The Sound of Music, bring you camera and enjoy shooting. If you wanted to see the whole picture of Salzburg, you may climb up from Festung Hohensalzburg, a cliff-top fortress set high above the city. On the streets, you can discover classical music wafts from open windows. Furthermore, there are concert halls that uphold musical tradition 365 days a year.

Number 2: Egypt

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Egypt is an mysterious and incredible place to visit. Believe you have read a lots of books about Egypt, right? The first image come out from mind must be pyramids and camels. What we can tell is, this is not 100%true. There is more spectacular places worth to visit. Do you know the Great Pyramid of Giza (the largest of the three) is the oldest one? It is also one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Wow!

Egypt also serve yummy Egyptian Cuisine. The most famous are lamb kebab, baba ghannoug, kofta, dolma and shawarma. Most people asked for recipe but trust me you cannot make the same taste as it is difficult to find the exact same ingredients.  

Some travelers come and look for treasures in the Khan al-Khalil. This place is a huge and crowded bazaars. You have to spend few days to explore all kinds of stuff like perfume and metal. In Cairo, you can visit Egyptian Museum, the best place to know more about the tradition and culture. Wanna explore more? Please visit our travel blog.

Number 3: Fukuoka, Japan


Japan is one of my favourite travel place in Asia. The people, the history, food, activities, cultures….etc. All impressed me a lots everytime when I reach Japan. Fukuoka’s cuisine is unrivalled. ShuShi, Tempura, Ramen are Japanese home town food.

Most people will pick either Tokyo or Osaka as their first Japan travel. Why? Tokyo is good for shopping and Osaka is good for food. How about Fukuoka? Fukuoka is right in the middle between them. You can find delicious food and spectacular shopping mall here. More than that, you can rent a car to explore beach, mountain and traditional building in surrounding. You will love this place and it will not disappoint you. Wanna explore more? Please visit our travel blog.

Number 4: Ghana


There are 3 main reason you should travel to Ghana:

1. Wildlife

Ghana are rich in animal life. Large mammals including lions, leopards, hyenas, antelope and elephants. Small animals like wild hogs, chimpanzees, chickens, pygmy goats, and herds of cows. Among the numerous birds are kites, herons, cuckoos, nightjars, egrets, vultures, snakebirds, and plantain eaters. Sounds like you are living in the zoo and back to the most ordinary human life without any modern technology on it.

2. Most Peaceful Country

Ghana probably is the only African country with a stable democracy and healthy economy. This makes Ghana a safe place for travel. People are very kind and helpful even though we have language barrier. Crime rates are relatively low, insurgency nil, and the country extremely hospitable to tourists.

3. Culture

I love their colorful costume. In Ghana, you must not miss every single festival. Those are celebration of the glory of life. They respect live and life. They love nature, no arguing, no cheating but only respectful. Music festivals and monthly traditional festivals are ways to loosen up and celebrate life, with music, dance, drumming, and plenty of food.

Number 5: Arequipa, Peru


Arequipa is one of Peru’s many UNESCO World Heritage sights, the stunning city of Arequipa in the south of country is a delightful spot to explore. Many things we could do here and I am trying to highlight 3 must do activities here for quick review:

1. Mundo Alpaca

Mundo Alpaca, a very adorable animals that everyone love to take picture with. It not only gives tourists a great fun to visit but also provide a great effort and support to resident live. There are huge work to do with Alpaca. You can see many items made of alpaca. It really is amazing! Like 50s of China, the local people here demonstrate the traditional art of weaving and knitting. A great free thing to do in Arequipa is, to buy some wonderful alpaca clothing items here.

2. San Camilo Market

San Camilo Market is one of the best markets in Peru. The market provide travelers a very authentic experience. In addition, the market gives visitors a wonderful opportunity to sample an amazing array of traditional treats and delights, including a few Peruvian cuisine classics, such as Rocoto Relleno and Soltero de Queso.

3. Colca Canyon

If you are explorers and love adventures. You cannot miss the world’s second deepest canyon, Colca. We sure that Colca Canyon is a hiker’s dream and understandably many tourists like to make the epic trek inside this impressive geographical feature. What we suggested is, to join a local tour. You can do horse riding and feels this spectacular place. Wanna explore more? Please visit our travel blog.

Number 6: Barbados


Barbados is the most popular island in the Caribbean, and there’s so much to do that you may not know where to start. For the first time to visit, you may need a tour guide to bring you around. Featuring the island’s best beaches, restaurants, bars, shops, attractions and things to do.

The culture here is a mix of British and African customs and traditions. People here are appreciated a simple smile along with simple ‘hi’. They are also enthusiastic in talking about their island. They prefer visitors dress properly when leaving the beach and going out for meals. There are no nude bathing beaches in Barbados.

Barbados weather is perfect for vocation. It’s warm all year round. Of course they also has peak season. The summer months are hot and wet, but prices are relatively lower so it’s the best time to visit. Wanna explore more? Please visit our travel blog.

Number 7: Galway Ireland


Galway is a city in County Galway in the West of Ireland and is renowned for its vibrant lifestyle and numerous festivals, celebrations and events. Every November, Galway hosts the Tulca Festival of Visual Arts as well as numerous festivals.

Here are many things to do in Galway, but you could really do nothing at all and enjoy this peace and colorful place. You could enjoy to the constant stream of music from every corner. Wander the cobblestone streets that continually lead to interesting discoveries. Appreciate the random bursts of color on homes and fences. Every single picture that you take is filled with colorful. Just like our life. Wanna explore more? Please visit our travel blog.

Number 8: Bhutan


Bhutan is located in the Eastern Himalayas of China. This tiny piece of Himalayan paradise operates a strict ‘high-value, low-impact’ tourism policy, compelling travelers to pay a high daily fee just to set foot in its pine-scented, monastery-crowned hills. The pay-off for visitors is a chance to walk along mountain trails unsullied by litter, in the company of people whose Buddhist beliefs put them uniquely in tune with their environment.

No matter where you go you’ll be able to see traditional arts and crafts, like weaving at the Gagyel Lhundrup Weaving Centre and paper-making at the Jungshi Paper Factory, both in Thimphu. You can also experience the beauty of Buddha and amazing wildlife. Wanna explore more? Please visit our travel blog.

We still have a lots more to share with you….

You are more than welcome to leave comment and interact with bloggers. Enjoy Travel. We are open to create a new travel blog for you if the above areas cannot cover your needs. Please feel free to leave us a message.