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Welcome to Africa Travel Blog.

How big is Africa?

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second-most populous continent, which also hosted a large diversity of ethnicity, cultures and languages. You can’t even image how many countries Africa contains. It contains 54 counties. If you are outdoor guy and love nature, you should go Africa travel and explore. We will share the best places to travel in Africa to you. For myself, Africa is the most amazing place on earth. Not only the nature but also the culture and passion of the local residents.

Is Africa Scariest and Dangerous place?

Hunters all around. Dangerous animals all around. Poor hygiene and not a safe place for travel. These are common thinking of people who never step in Africa. Honestly, there are dangerous places all around the planet, not just Africa. What we can say is, most dangers can be easily avoided or managed. If you visit our blogs, we assure you will change you mind about Africa. Our blogs are a useful resource for trip plan in Africa. Please check it out.

Why you should travel to Africa?

Adventure, Safari and Camping – Africa consists of more than 3000 tribes and each tribe has incredibly different tradition, languages and cultures. The largest group got 11.2 million people call Zulu. It takes more than 8 years to visit all 3000 tribes. On each tribe, you can have different adventures. No matter you are interested in going Shark Cage Diving, Table Mountain National Park, or go on safari (Kruger National Park), Africa is definitely the place you should visit.

Africa Travel Tips

Our bloggers provide the most useful and incredible information for travelers who are planning a trip to Africa. No matter you are going to Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt or Morocco. By visiting our blogs, we can help you figure the best plan for Africa Travel.

We are more than welcome to open a new Africa Travel place for you. If you have another best places to travel in Africa, please write to us.