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Today we going to talk truth about the belly fat loss process, let see below.

Most of them are believing that abs workout reduce the fat, Even some of the TV Ads we can see just tied in the stomach and do your routine work, no need to do the workout. But still, they raising a question, why I can’t reduce the belly fat, and not seeing the result.

Actually what happing when we do Abs workout?

We have many verities of Abs workouts, but it doesn’t reduce the Belly Fat. So what is the purpose of those workouts? So first we need to understand one thing.

In our body have certain muscles is called Core muscles, It looks like a belt in the surrounding of our hip, the main function of core muscles is to save our positions, stability, and balance. It’s very important for sports activities for persons. So in the abdomen is one of the parts of core muscles and the Abs workouts are strengthen and tight the abdomen muscles.

So the workouts are Strengthen the muscles, why it won’t give the flat appearance of the abdomen?

Above the ABS and below the skin we have a thick layer of FAT deposit. We must make the FAT layer are much possible thin layer so that we can get the flat abdomen look. BUT unfortunately, these workouts will not help to reduce the FAT.

In fact, the spot reduction concept will not apply to our body. , For example, we cannot target a particular part of our body to reduce the FAT.

Now you can understand why still not seeing the result for Abdomen work. It doesn’t matter how long you did the same, you never see the result. If anyone suggests you do the same for a long time it’s definitely wrong advised. A proper knowledgeable person will not suggest this kind of process.

So why are we doing this workout?

Do we need to STOP those workouts?

Do we spend more time on an ineffective workout?

No, we should not avoid this workout, we already mentioned above its very important for core strengthening for that propose we must do this workout. But additionally, we should do a FAT loss workout.

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