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Welcome to Blogger Communities Food Blog.

This blog is all about food. Not only the food that you are eating, but also a fantastic cooking stories along with super appetizing pictures and recipes. What is the most native food on your country? What is the most amazing dishes you tried during travel? Please share with us.

Why Food Blog?

We have received lots of inquiries from bloggers and visitors about opening a new category for FOODIES. Most travelers wanted to write recommendation on the good food that they tried during travels. Hey guy, you know we are foodies too! We cannot stand with the mouth watering when handling a Food Blog. Being struggling for few weeks, we decided to open a Food Blog category. Hope everything enjoy it. Again, please prepare napkin or handkerchief before surfing.

3 types of Food Blogs we are now launching

Taste Dining Experiences

Our restaurant review blog is a comprehensive version of the “eat out” guide which especially includes travelers findings when go to a new place. Giving stories of actual food experience. If you have good food nearby your house and would like to share here, it would be awesome too!

World Cuisine Recipes

This blog is mainly focusing on bloggers who lover to make food and journalize their cooking experience. They also dedicated to the provision of recipes. If you want to discover new cuisine and menu. You don’t want to miss this blog.

Niche Food

If you are looking for specific food subject like healthy food, vegetarian food, gluten-free food or baking food. This is the blog you must put into your pocket. You can pick the food blog which fit you lifestyle and preference.

If you have youtube channel about food. It would be awesome to share here . Here is the one we love so much and would like to share with you.

A day in the Life of a Food Blogger – by Amanda Rettke

If you have no idea which category your blog is belonging to or if you have difficulty in searching for the food. Please feel free to write to us.