Before you getting a face mask to protect yourself from COVID-19, you have to know how to select the correct face mask. Here is some useful video we would like to share with you.

Face Mask testing standard

After you have initial idea how to pick the right face mask for yourself or your family and friend, it is time to have more in deep knowledge on the face mask testing standard. This is the more extremely important to know before you purchasing one.

Now, as you can see, the least protection is ASTM level 1. Beyond Level 1, there do not have any protection function from COVID-19. Of course, if you need to reach some risk area like hospital, you may need even higher level face mask.

How to test the face mask – real or fake?

There are tons of face mask suppliers or sellers from worldwide. Some sellers are selling re-used face mask, and some are selling fake mask (nice packaging but not real protection). To avoid buying incorrect face mask, you must learn how to test it in-house. Here is a guideline for you:

DIY face Make in 10 Minutes

We understand the whole world is snatching face mask and this is really difficult to get one in the market. If you really cannot find one in the market or online, you may try to DIY. This video may help you to make one. Or, you can visit Melanie Ham blog post.

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