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do we need Mask Keeper?

Facing the limited facial mask worldwide, we have to think about how to use our mask wisely and properly. In Hong Kong, which has a designer who designed a mask keeper to keep your mask in short time of storage. For example, when you are having breakfast, lunch or supper, you don’t want to throw the mask away if it is just newly opened. In this way, you can put your mask temporarily in a mask keeper. After finished eating, may be 30min, then you can re-use the mask from mask keeper. So, if you ask do we need mask keeper? I would say yes, definitely yes. Please see below instruction of what mask keeper is:

Do it yourself

The most intelligent design of mask keeper is, you can DIY. It it simple and you can make one in 5 minutes. Sounds cool right? Please check this out for Mask Keeper DIY:

PRECAUTION of using mask keeper

  1. Make sure your hand is clean before take off the mask, simple way is to use Alcohol-based Handrub
  2. Make sure the face of the mask is facing outside
  3. After put the used mask into the mask keeper, please repeat step one about to clean your hand
  4. Please use Alcohol-based swab to clean the mask keeper 1-3 times a day (depends on the frequency you use it)

Correct step to clean your hands: Click me

Support from Blogger Communities

Hope everyone can get benefit from our blog and if anyone wants to buy Mask Keeper, please contact us and we will help source and ship out from Hong Kong to your country. And, there are different kinds of mask keeper you may interested:

Hope you like our blog and please keep washing hand. Stay home and stay safe. Thanks!


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