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WELCOME TO BLOGGER COMMUNITIES BEAUTY BLOG What is beauty in your eyes? Are you trying to attract somebody else? Building up your image? Jobs requirement? No matter what reason and how you treating the word “Beauty”, which is deem necessary for everyone since you were a human being. Check out our beauty blog posted by..

World cuisine recipes food blog

WELCOME TO BLOGGER COMMUNITIES WORLD CUISINE RECIPES FOOD BLOG. This food blog is focusing on the World Cuisine Recipes. No matter you are sharing the recipes or looking for recipes. We are also welcome for visit. Sometimes it is hard to find a recipe for food that you have tried outside and wanted bring them..

Top 10 Most Popular Recipes

Blogger Communities highly present the top 10 most popular recipes in 2020. Easy manage but excellent favor and taste. Take a look and you can try for your family, lovers, children and everyone who you wanted to cook for.  NUMBER 1: 4 EASY CHINESE FOOD RECIPES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6H-X_LWlfjg&feature=emb_logo NUMBER 2: 5 VEGAN RECIPES FOR ITALIAN CLASSICS..

Top 10 Restaurants you must try

TOP 10 RESTAURANTS YOU MUST TRY #1 GROTTA PALAZZESE HOTEL, ITALY https://www.redwoodstreehouse.co.nz/ What? Eating in the tree house? You may question how restaurant can be built on the tree. Here’s the first look at the newly built Redwoods Treehouse Restaurant on a site 45 minutes north of Auckland, New Zealand. Fine dining, corporate entertaining or..

Arctic Travel Blog

Know more about Arctic Welcome to Blogger Communities Arctic Travel blog. Welcome to the top of the world, the northernmost part of Earth. The Arctic consists of the following continents: Arctic OceanAdjacent seasParts of Alaska (United States)FinlandGreenland (Denmark)IcelandNorthern CanadaNorwayRussiaSweden If you are travelling nearby, please go and visit Arctic because it is so closed to..

Antarctica Travel Blog

Welcome to Antarctica Travel Blog. Get more dresses before visiting our blogs. Let Victoria Vodar show you how she feels about the white dessert. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thE2-5cVCFw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=thE2-5cVCFw How to survive in Antarctica's extreme weather? Imagine you are at the bottom of the planet, the farthest way from equator. No urban life, not much food, entertainment, luxury..