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What is the secrets to Blogger Success?

Come closer as we have secrets to whisper to you. Yes to both bloggers and vloggers. No matter you are Travel blogger, Food blogger or Beauty blogger. We are sincerely invited you to join our Blogger Communities and you can reveal the secrets to blogger success. This Blogger Communities platform is a new home for all bloggers and vloggers who stay in the same planet. We all have the same dream in becoming worldwide famous bloggers. We believe we have ability to gather all of the famous bloggers all over the world and bring all of us to higher level.

What we see in the future?

We heard a lots of voice from visitors who were facing difficulties in planning on Travel, finding good food and trendy beauty blogs. Currently, 80%of bloggers or vloggers are isolated with their own blogs. Some successful bloggers have already backlink with a group of influencers and cooperate very well with each other. Visitors feeling so tired in keep clicking the backlink and transfer to different bloggers. Sounds like a football match. Here a list of the very Top 10 bloggers that you may already knew:

  • Dan Flying Solo
  • A Broken Backpack
  • Lili’s Travel Plans
  • The Blog Abroad
  • My Life’s A Movie
  • Drew Binksy
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Travel Break
  • Backpacker Banter
  • Nomadic Boys

If you wanted to know more about them, please google. As we said, it will be very inconvenience to search one by one. We aim to gather all bloggers and vloggers in the same platform. In our Blogger Communities platform, we provide absolutely FREE service for everyone who search in.

Free, Free and Free

  1. It is free to post your blog by writing or video
  2. Free Translate: Vlogger can send us video and we will transfer it to wordings, which will show under your video.
  3. It is free for visitors to post comment without register
  4. Free to connect with all bloggers or vloggers
  5. You are free to leave your personal info so that marketing company or advertising company can contact you directly

10 benefits to join our platform

  1. Free to use our platform
  2. If you just get started on blogger’s life with no own website yet. Don’t worry, please use our platform as a first step.
  3. Enjoy the power on bloggers from worldwide and push to the top of search engines.
  4. Catching eyeballs from visitors and advertising company
  5. Upgrading and improving your blogging skills by learning from other bloggers.
  6. Link up relationship with other bloggers. We provide a communication space for bloggers, where you can add friend, chitchat and exchange idea. Kinds of forum or facebook like media.
  7. Share your recent post to the community and get traffic .
  8. Get backlinks in speedy way. Blogging communities have good page rank and domain authority. You get some high quality link juice.
  9. Drive massive traffic to your blog: if you get some up-votes to your submitted post, you can get massive from these blogging communities, the key is to stay active on these communities.
  10. One promotion can benefit all bloggers and vloggers in our platform. We promote in all social medias like twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pintrest.

4 simple steps to take action (just take 5min)

  1. Click “Register Now” icon below
  2. Input your profile (simple introduction will be fine)
  3. Posting your blog (daily, weekly or monthly)
  4. If you have your own blog site, please feel free to show it to the bottom of your post. Visitor can link up to your site directly.

Conclusion-the secrets to Blogger Success.

Blogger communities can definitely pushing your blogger’s life to the next higher level. Simple use, free of charge and help you get the best and unlimited traffic. We will soon be the TOP 1 blogger communities on search engine.