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Welcome to Blogger Communities World Cuisine Recipes Food Blog.

This food blog is focusing on the World Cuisine Recipes. No matter you are sharing the recipes or looking for recipes. We are also welcome for visit. Sometimes it is hard to find a recipe for food that you have tried outside and wanted bring them homemade. In this platform, you can search any recipes that you interested in and interact with blogger for cooking skills and secret.

In this platform of World Cuisine Recipes food blog, you can also sending us request of what recipes that you looking for. We will post your request on the food blog and bloggers will come to you directly for sharing their comment. This platform is alive and you can interact with us . Right now, we opened 6 categories of recipes: Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, American, Thai and dessert. Enjoy the live recipe and don’t forget to vote for your favorite bloggers. Let them be the top 50 bloggers in Blogger communities.

Taste Outside and bring them for homemade

whatever you taste, whatever recipe you need, we can provide for you
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World Dessert Recipe

10 Most Popular Recipes in 2020

Highly present the most popular recipes in 2020. Easy manage but excellent favor and taste. Take a look and you can try for your family, lovers, children and everyone who you wanted to cook for. 😀

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Number 9: 4 Easy No Bake Dessert Cup Recipe


Number 10: A Chocoholic’s Dream


You can publish your own recipes in the platform and share with others. 2 important things we would like your notice:

  • Recipes must be original dishes created by your own
  • Please include photos or video